Environmental Commitment

Social and Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Minera San Cristóbal is a mining company with a responsible environmental management. Its operations are based on respect for the ecosystem through a rational, efficient and sustainable use of the natural resources.

Its operations are developed within the framework of its policy of respect for the environment through the rational, efficient and sustainable use of the natural resources. With this purpose in mind, the company identifies, evaluates and manages the risks, prevents contamination and mitigates adverse environmental impacts.

A clear sample of MSC’s environmental commitment is, without doubt, the DOME: a structure with a diameter of 140 meters over the mineral stockpile to reduce dust dispersion to a large extent in the area, which is characterized by strong winds. With an investment of more than 10 million dollars, the DOME is the largest structure of its type in South America and the first of its kind in Bolivia.

Environmental responsibility is an integral part of all Minera San Cristóbal’s operational processes with the primary aim of:

  • Executing the project within the framework of sustainable development.
  • Preventing contamination.
  • Complying with national environmental laws and international guidelines.
  • Continuously improving environmental performance.
  • Ensuring a timely and open communication with stakeholders on environmental issues of the project.

Since MSC was granted a triple certification under quality, health, safety and environmental standards, among which ISO 14001, a globally recognized standard for environmental care. This certification shows the company’s constant and firm commitment to implementing an efficient environmental management system.