Minera San Cristóbal S.A.

Careers at Minera San Cristóbal S.A.

The operations of Minera San Cristóbal (MSC) benefit the local communities, the region and the country as a whole, helping to build a skilled labor force and offering important opportunities in terms of employment, training and development.

The personnel recruitment and selection process is conducted at the national level. Complementarily, the recruitment and selection process comprises the following phases: résumé evaluation, technical testing, psycho-technical testing, a personal interview and other steps depending on the level and responsibilities of the position. The final aim is to hire the best possible people.

MSC invests significant financial resources in training and development in order to strengthen the technical and human skills of its personnel. This helps ensure commitment and motivation of the people who are part of the company.

Finally, it should be stressed that in terms of composition of the labor force more than 60% of our employees are from the Department of Potosí, and a large part of this percentage is from the communities of the region.