Financial transparency

Our Company

Minera San Cristóbal is characterized by being transparent in all its operations and activities, and specifically in its financial reporting. Likewise, being a member of the ICMM since 2018 supports and is aligned with the principles of the EITI.

In Bolivia, all companies, whether extractive industries or not, are required to submit financial information to the following entities: Tax Authority (SIN), SEPREC (Plurinational Service of the Registry of Commerce), Authority of Fiscalization and Social Control of Companies (AEMP), Registry of Foreign Investment in the Plurinational State of Bolivia and Foreign Financial Operations (RIOF),  Local and foreign Banks.

With respect to economic performance, MSC complies with Bolivian legislation that requires the preparation of audited financial statements in accordance with its fiscal period and also with international regulations such as IFRs and SOX that are required at the corporate level.