Health and Safety Committee

Our People, Health and Safety

Health and Safety Committee

Having a Mixed Committee on Safety at Work is mandatory for all companies in Bolivia. The scope and activities of these committees are in accordance with Bolivian laws, particularly the Law on Occupational Health, Safety and Social Wellbeing.

However, MSC goes beyond the requirements and obligations of the laws in effect:

The company encourages participation and activities and continuously promotes care for and safety of its personnel.

The MSC Mixed Committee on Hygiene, Occupational Safety and Wellbeing represents 100% of our workers and employees. The Committee’s purpose is to supervise and assist in the application of measures to prevent labor risks, seeking to improve the practices in order to protect the workers and their safety. It is responsible for:

  • Complying with and enforcing the Law on Occupational Health, Safety and Social Wellbeing in the company, other relevant laws and regulations, as well as the technical provisions issued by the Mixed Committee.
  • Permanently inquiring about the conditions in the different spheres of work, operation and conservation of the machinery, equipment and personal protection equipment, as well as about other aspects related to Hygiene, Occupational Safety and Wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Being aware of and analyzing the causes of work-related accidents and occupational diseases in the company, suggesting possible technical solutions.
  • Controlling and evaluating the written records and the reports submitted on accidents and diseases in the workplace.
  • Ascertaining that all workers receive proper instruction and guidance in the field of Hygiene and Occupational Safety, encouraging dissemination and training to keep the workers interested.
  • Other administrative activities.