Blocks and Transport


Block delimitation and transport of the material

In order to delimit the zones according to the type of mineralization and mineral content, these are demarcated using stakes and tapes which are placed in the ground before drilling and blasting takes place.

The following categories are differentiated:

  • Low-grade sulfide
  • High-grade sulfide
  • Low-grade oxide
  • High-grade oxide
  • Transition material
  • Waste material

This categorization exercise is performed by the topographic survey team which uses GPS-based measurement equipment for this purpose.

Blocks and Transport

To move the mineral ore and waste material MSC has the unitary operations of loading and hauling as well as equipment for mine support.

Loading is the unitary operation for loading the cracked material onto the hauling units.

The hauling operation has the objective of transporting the gangue material to the waste dumps and the economic minerals to the primary crusher and roller.

All unitary operations require support from auxiliary equipment, aimed at ensuring the productivity of our operations, among which:

  • Caterpillar tractors used to build ramps and drilling platforms, clean waste dumps, fix the shovel surfaces, build channels, etc.
  • Tank trucks, which are used to suppress the dust and improve visibility for the trucks, at the same time preventing the drivers from inhaling dust.
  • Grader and compactor, which are used for road maintenance and to ensure fluent movement of the mobile units.
  • Wheel dozers, which are used to clean off rocks from the road, clean the ground, clean and build berms, etc.
  • Drainage and pumping channels to reduce the accumulation of rainwater. Pumps are used to evacuate water from the mine in order to be able to continue deepening the mine and extracting mineral.