Management of Residues

Social and Environmental Commitment

Residue Management

Minera San Cristóbal (MSC) has made an important investment in development of a system designed with a multifaceted approach so that the workers and the people living in the communities would have adequate waste disposal mechanisms, an absolute need to enjoy a healthy daily life.

For residue management, MSC has a landfill and a program for waste collection and disposal by type of residue, with a focus on reuse and recycling. Likewise, there is a wastewater treatment plant so that the treated water can be reused for irrigation of the revegetation areas and for watering the roads to suppress dust.

In conventional residue management, the company has developed options for the treatment and utilization of the industrial remains to minimize final disposal. On the other hand, there have been projects to produce compost based on organic waste and water treatment muds. The underlying idea is to apply and spread best practices in environmental management as part of the company’s social responsibility and as a cornerstone to ensure our communities’ well-being and prosperity.

The mining-metallurgical residues are stored in dumps and a tailings deposit, in compliance with applicable technical standards and environmental regulations in effect. It should be noted that there is no discharge of mine effluents or tailings water outside the operations area, since the water clarified in the tailings deposit is recirculated to the concentration plant. This model of operation prevents the generation of acid drainage.