Machinery and Equipment

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Machinery and Equipment

Minera San Cristóbal’s fleet of equipment consists of:

Six Atlas Copco drilling rigs:

  • 3 PV 271 drills
  • 2 PV 351 drills
  • 1 Roc L8 Smart drill

Seven Komatsu and Caterpillar equipment for loading the broken material to the hauling units:

  • 2   PC 4000 blades
  • 2   PC 8000 blades
  • 3   994 front loaders

Thirty Caterpillar teams to transport the gangue material to the waste dumps and the cheap mineral to the primary crusher and roller:

  • 10 trucks 793D
  • 20 trucks 789C

Additionally, all unitary operations require support from auxiliary equipment, aimed at ensuring the productivity of our operations, among which:

  • 8 Caterpillar D10R and D10T crawler tractors, are used for the construction of ramps, drilling rigs, dump cleaning, shovel floor arrangements, canal construction, etc.
  • 2 Caterpillar 785 tank trucks are used to mitigate dust and ensure visibility in truck traffic and minimize the amount of suspended particulate in the cabins of equipment operating in the mine.
  • 5 Caterpillar 16H motor graders and 1 Caterpillar CS563D compactor, are used for road maintenance, to achieve a good bearing of the mobile units.
  • 5 Caterpillar 834H wheel tractors are used for road rock cleaning, shovel floor cleaning, berm cleaning and construction, etc.
  • 1 Caterpillar 785 tract towing a RGS-225 Tow Haul low bed for transporting equipment with chains.
  • 1 Parker JQ 1165 mobile crusher for the preparation of material for the maintenance of internal mine tracks.
  • Drainage and pumping channels are used to minimize the entry of water by rains into the area where the mine material extraction activities take place.
  • 7 GODWIN HL-125, 160, 200 pumps that are used to evacuate mine water and use it for road watering.