Exportation and Logistics



Supplies and Logistics are services provided by the General Services Management.

Procurement/Contracts takes care of and centralizes all requests related to the purchase of goods and services for the mining operation. This area is complemented with the Logistics area that takes care of the needs regarding the transportation of inputs to the mine.


The concentrates are transported by railway from the Plant to the Port of Mejillones in closed cylindrical metallic containers, thus avoiding as much as possible that the concentrates spread during the transport process. For transporting zinc-silver concentrates, the capacity per container is 17.6 wet tons; while for lead-silver concentrates the capacity per container is 21 wet tons.

The logistics of the export process comprise the following elements: control of the cycles of the trains, the flat cars, the containers, tracking the convoy and verifying loading at the site and unloading at the terminal. These are the most important tasks in this phase which ensure timely delivery of the zinc-silver and lead-silver concentrates.

All systems used in the transport and shipment of the concentrates ensure that no harmful emissions to the environment are produced.