Minera San Cristóbal S.A.


Before shipment, please send all export documentation by mail to our logistics operator MIQ for approval and validation in order to avoid any inconvenience with Customs Authorities.
We require three original copies of the commercial invoice and packing list (not homogeneous cargo), which will be distributed as follows:

First set: Included with the load.
Second set: Delivered to MIQL at origin or sent to its address.
Third set: Submitted to the Minera San Cristobal S.A. Customs Broker Agency (this information is provided by MIQL).

Please consider the following information for Invoice and Packing:

NIT: 1020415021

Please send the Second Set to:
José Toribio Medina 094
Edificio Cataluña – Oficina 601
Antofagasta – Chile
Attention: Pamela Garcés
Phone: +56 55 241 7341 Ext. 2248


Number and date of issue of the invoice Place of issue (city – country)
Name and address of the seller
Name and address of the purchaser
Tax Identification Number
of Minera San Cristobal S.A.: NIT 1020415021 Purchase Order number (OI XXXXXXXX)
Line item number
Unit of measure
Unit Price (per line item)
Total price (per line item)
Terms of payment
INCOTERM (city and country)

Description of Material per item must include:

  • Brand or Manufacturer
  • Country of Origin
  • Schedule “B” number for USA Exports.
  • Serial number

Commercial Invoice must:

  • Reflect the real price paid or to be paid
  • Be an original and final document, preform invoice will not be accepted
  • Lack of smudges, erasures or alterations.

Very important: Physical material should match with all material information declared in your Commercial Invoice (Part number, brand or manufacturer, country of origin, etc.)
Electronic Devices must include Serial numbers on Packing list or Invoice.
Any discrepancies may cause fines or confiscation by Customs Authorities

Marking Instructions

– Please put a stencil on two sides of each package. It should be at least 2 inches wide with clear characters with the following information:

Consignee: Minera San Cristóbal S.A Port: Antofagasta – Chile
Description: Cargo in Transit to Bolivia Purchase number: OI XXXXXXXX

Piece No. ….. of ….
Partial No. …..of….
Gross Weight: ….. Kgs.
Width: ……………….
Cubic Feet : ……….
Height: ………………
Made in (Country of Origin)

– Consecutive package numbers. Do not duplicate.
– In every case, where applicable, the four sides of the package must show:
“FRAGILE” – “HANDLE WITH CARE” – “GLASS” – “DELICATE INSTRUMENTS” – “THIS END UP” All over-dimensional and heavy packages must show the center of gravity and the lift points.
– Detailed packing list showing:
• Weight and dimensions of each package
• Items and quantity included on each package
– Pictures of the cargo ready in your warehouse before and after crating must be send together with final packing list.
– If the material is loaded in containers at supplier’s warehouse, please send the container list detailing which packages are in each container and pictures at the time of loading.
– Confirm if cargo is stackable and deck option.
– For Instrumentation considered “Sensitive Equipment”, cargo must be protected against water damage, swings in temperature changes, and packaged in such a manner that there is no water access or possible damage during transit. Must be well wrapped to prevent breakage.
– All critical items might be reviewed by the forwarder before their reception or delivery by the supplier.


If you have a doubt for delivery instructions on Purchase Order, please refer to:

Minera San Cristobal S.A. (MSC) performs all payments free of charge for the payee/vendor via its bank “Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC)” in New York. The cost of transfer of funds is assumed by MSC for each transfer, and is not charged to the beneficiary or vendor. If you receive less than the agreed amount in the purchase order when MSC makes the transfer to your bank account, it is because an intermediary bank or your bank charged you some type of a commission fee. This charge is not made by all banks, it depends on the agreements between banks and the relationship between the beneficiary and its bank. MSC does not assume the charges generated after the transfer is executed by SMBC.

For all US suppliers:

If you need information about Schedule B Numbers (Harmonized code), please for an overview of the latest regulations regarding U.S.P.P.I.s.

Then you can go to  where they will explain about Schedule B Codes.

There are millions of trade transactions occurring each year. These transactions are classified under approximately 8,000 different products leaving the United States. Every item that is exported is assigned a unique 10-digit identification code. Every 10-digit item is part of a series of progressively broader product categories. For example, concentrated frozen apple juice is assigned a 10-digit identifier that is aggregated into a broader category assigned a 6-digit identifier described as apple juice. The 6-digit identifier described as apple juice is aggregated into a broader category assigned a 4-digit identifier described as fruit juices and vegetable juices, etc. The 4-digit identifier is further aggregated into a broader category assigned a 2-digit identifier described as Preparations of Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts etc.

Typing the item into the search engine will bring up a range of options.

If all else fails or if you have additional questions you can give them a jingle at: 301-763-2238 option 2.